Permit Application for Moving Oversize / Overweight Loads

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This permit must be carried in vehicle when moving a load.

This permit may be cancelled without prior notice and automatically terminated if any of the conditions have been violated.

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Selecting the Right Type of Permit

Please review the information on permit types below, and ensure you select the correct permit type when proceeding with your application.

Single Move (fee - $50.00)

Single Move Permit Applications are required at least 5 business days prior to the move.

Select the "Expedited Service" option if your permit is required in less than 5 business days of submitting this application. (fee - $85.00)

Single Move in excess of 63,500kg (fee - $75.00)

Permit applications for gross vehicle weights in excess of 63,500 kg are to be submitted 10 business days prior to the planned move along with a summary of the axle and vehicle loading of the oversize load (Vehicle Configuration Evaluation Sheet). 

Select the "Expedited Service" option if your permit is required in less than 10 business days of submitting this application. (fee - $100.00)

The County may require the applicant to hire a certified structural engineer to evaluate the bridges and culverts identified by the County on the proposed route, and submit the evaluation for approval.

Annual Permit (fee - $250.00 first vehicle / $25.00 each subsequent vehicle)

(Note: Annual permits are issued for period of insurance coverage)

Permission will be considered to move Oversize / Overweight Loads throughout the effective period indicated on the Certificate of Insurance of the Mover, on all County Roads within the jurisdiction of the Corporation of the County of Peterborough during the hours/days indicated below.

  • Category I - No restriction
    • Width of load is less than 11 feet (3.35 Meters)
    • Height of load is less than 14 Feet (4.26 Metres)
  • Category II - Daylight hours only, not permitted on weekends or staturory holidays
    • Width of load is less than 12 Feet (3.65 Metres)
    • Height of the load is less than 14 Feet (4.26 Metres)

If the dimensions of the load you are moving exceed Category I and II above you require a Single Move Permit

Permit Type Selection